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I’ve known K for probably about a year now; he’s literally the only reason I’m still trading today and he’s taught me everything I know; he is the most unselfish & hardworking genuine person I know. I can honestly say he’s had the largest impact on my life by a wide margin; if there’s ever one person I’d honestly recommend to anyone for trading; it’s no doubt him. Trust me on this one; he is a great guy that honestly wants to help people 🙏


I was new to trading when I came across K and traderscolony I met K through Twitter and watched his videos on YouTube. I will say no one put as much time in with helping me like he did, we spent hours on the phone and computer going over trading he took me to a level of trading I did not know existed he is dedicated and professional If anyone is seriously thinking about trading as a career there is no one I would rather have as my mentor, I can’t thank him enough, it has been years and we still talk and I’m a part of the community thanks K.

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